Relevant Persons Representative (RPR)

What is an Relevant Person’s Representative (RPR):

DAD can provide a Relevant Person’s representative known as a RPR   for people who have been Deprived of their Liberty under the Mental Capacity Act. This provides a safeguard for people who lack capacity around their care and support and live in a care home or having a stay in hospital.  

DAD supports people across the region in the role of RPR

All DAD advocates have specific training in the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. 

DAD works in highly person centred way with people who we are RPR for, and ensure people’s views and rights are upheld. There are times when a person may object to the decision about their placement, in these circumstances the RPR has a legal duty to support the person to have access to the Court of Protection.


How you can support us

As a local organisation we very much rely on the support of our local community. We support over 2,000 people every year to have greater choice and control and remove the barriers that disabled adults and children experience in their everyday lives. But we need YOUR help.

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