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Annual Health Checks 

Annual Health Checks (Video)


COVID-19 Vaccination Easy-Read Leaflets (GOV.UK)

Information about Coronavirus

Omicron and Vaccine Update (Inclusion North, December 2021)

Change to Vaccine Programme (Inclusion North, December 2021)

How Coronavirus has affected people with learning impairments and autism

Coronavirus: Why we have added people with Down’s syndrome to the high risk list (Department of Health and Social Care) 

Covid vaccines for people with learning impairments (Inclusion North, February 2021)

Self Isolation for people living alone (NHS Oxford Health, March 2020)

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information for direct payment holders and personal assistants (Public Health England, October 2020)

What is a pandemic?


Infection Control - Part 1

Infection Control - Part 2

PPE guide for Community and Social Care settings - what PPE to wear and when. (UK Health, May 2021)

What is PPE?

Disposing of PPE



CookABILITY - Accessible tasty recipes and videos

Recipes and Food Safety Tips


Climate Change

 Easy Read Guide to Climate Change



A video for people with learning impairments showing a visit to the dentist (NHS England)


Direct Payment Information

Becoming an Employer using Direct Payments (plymouthonlinedirectory.com)


Easy News

 An accessible round up of some of the big news stories. This is by an organisation called United Response.


Equality and Disability Action Plans 2019-2024

Action Plan 2019-2014 Easy Read Guide (Department of Health)


Hate Crime 

Reporting Hate Crime - An Easy Read Guide


Health Information 

Annual Health Checks (Video)

9. Gold Standard Health Check (Norfolk + Waveney).indd (knowledgeanglia.nhs.uk)

Easy Health
Easy read information about lots of different health topics

Flu - How does the flu jab work (NHS poster)

Seasonal Flu (NHS poster) 
Flu is caused by different sorts of germs. Seasonal flu happens each winter and spreads very easily from person to person.

NHS England Easy Read Newsletters 
In this newsletter you can find out about:

  • Lung cancer – signs of lung cancer and what to do if you see them
  • Smoking and e-cigarettes (vaping) – tips to help you, your friends or family stop smoking
  • Healthy eating – what healthy eating is, and why it is important to eat well
  • NHS App – what the NHS App is and how you get it

Smear Test (Video)


How to make information accessible

How to make information accessible (CHANGE, 2021)



LGBTQ+ stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer or Questioning.
The + is to be inclusive to everyone that feels part of the LGBTQ+ community, but don’t feel like they fit into the groups listed in LGBTQ.

LGBTQ+ An Easy Read Guide (CHANGE, 2020)


Mental Capacity Act

Using the Mental Capacity Act: Self-advocates from Taking Part - YouTube

Mental Capacity Act 2005: An easy read guide (local.gov.uk)


Organ Donation

Organ Donation - An Easy Read Guide (2019)


STOMP: Stop the over medication of medication of people with learning disabilities

STOMP: Stop the over medication of people with learning disabilities (Video)



7 steps to being in control of my support (InControl, 2017)


Wellbeing Information

Inclusion North Easy-Read
Here is the weekly News and tips for staying well from Inclusion North



A Guide to Voting (2019)

Registering to Vote - An Easy Read Guide


Will - This is thinking about what you want to happen with your belongings and money when you die.

Making a Will - A Guide


Winterborne View

Department of Health's Report on Winterborne View


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