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Darlington Association on Disability is a user led disability organisation which is a registered charity (registered charity number 1125848) and a company limited by guarantee (company number 6688735). We provide a range of support and services for disabled people and carers in Darlington, Teesside and surrounding areas.

The following privacy information is for people who use projects provided by our Children and Young People’s Service.

Why privacy information is important?

We have always protected people’s data very carefully; however recent changes to Data Protection legislation means that we have to give you information about how we process your personal data and how we are meeting our duties under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the EU General Data Protection Regulations 2016.

It is important that you understand what personal information you give to us or what we collect. It is also important that you understand what we do with this information and in what circumstances we may share it with other agencies. Your data will only be used by DAD to provide the necessary information and support that we agree with you. It will also be used to collate anonymous statistics which the funders of our services require for example how many people use the service.

What data do we collect about you and your child?

  • Contact information - name, address, contact numbers, email address
  • Child’s date of birth
  • Childs likes and dislikes, activity preference
  • Care and support needs
  • Impairment information
  • Key professional supporting family/child and contact details
  • Names of immediate family and emergency contact information
  • Details of any accident or incident that your child has been involved in
  • Medication Consent and Administration Records, including medication names and dosage
  • Where your child has a funded place at DASH or for Inclusion Support - a unique personal identification number provided by Darlington Borough Council and details of agreed funding
  • Attendance records
  • Behaviour Incident Records
  • Photographs and video clips (specific consent will be obtained for the use of photographs and video clips)

What is the legal basis for processing the data?

Data Protection allows us to only store and use your information where we have a legal basis to do so as described in the General Data Protection Regulations 2016. 
As part of providing support and service through the Children and Young People’s Service, it is necessary to use your personal information outlined above to enable us to provide the right support and service. This means the Children and Young People’s Service uses your information because we have a Legitimate Reason to do so and a Contract, where DAD is paid directly for a service. We will only use your data in ways which you would reasonably expect us to and for the reason it was obtained.

Will the data be shared with any third parties?

The personal data we hold about you will not be shared with anyone outside of DAD without your prior consent.

Where your child has a funded place at DASH or for Inclusion Support through Darlington Borough Council, attendance records will be shared with Darlington Borough Council as required by the funding agreement.

In addition there may be exceptional circumstances when we are legally obliged to share your information by law which includes the prevention of fraud, a crime or where someone is at risk.

How is data stored and for how long?

We store your data securely in a manner that ensures only necessary and authorised DAD personnel are able to access it. This includes restricted passwords and encryption for electronic data and locked storage for paper based records.

We will keep your information for only as long as necessary and based on DAD retention policy. This means we will keep your information while you are using our services and for 2 years after stopping using the service.  Some information will need to be kept for longer periods if it relates to health and safety, medication administration and behaviour support.

What rights does the data subject have?

You have the right to access the information we hold about you and the right to request that your data is deleted and removed from our records.

You can do this by contacting Judith Gledhill at

Darlington Association on Disability
1P Enterprise House
Valley Street North
or email Judith Gledhill

Ongoing review of privacy information

We will regularly review the privacy information we provide to you and keep you updated through our website, bulletins and when our staff support you.  We will be continually updating our website with information regarding your rights under Data Protection. 


How you can support us

As a local organisation we very much rely on the support of our local community, and continue to support people flexibly to have greater choice and control and remove the barriers that disabled people and children experience in their everyday lives. We support over 2,000 people every year.  But we need your help.

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