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Neville has been attending DAD’s Independent Living Hub since November 2013.

Neville enjoys art, meeting his friends, having discussions on different things; such as current news events. He enjoys getting updates on what is happening in DAD, and other organisations.

Neville has also attended various different training courses whilst at the hub, including Food Hygiene training, Disability Equality training, and First aid. 
Recently he attended a pub lunch with others from the independent Living hub, including his friend David. Neville said he thoroughly enjoyed going to the pub, and was in great company.

Photo shows Neville (on the left) with his friend David from the Independent Living Hub, enjoying a pub lunch
(Above photo shows Neville (on the left) with his friend David from the Independent Living Hub, enjoying a pub lunch)
Photo shows Neville enjoying his ham, egg and chips at the pub
(Above photo shows Neville enjoying his ham, egg and chips at the pub)

Neville has said that the staff at the Independent Living Hub are perfect, he said they support him a great deal, and they are so friendly.
Neville said he would recommend the hub to other people as it is a good place to come and it is so friendly. His favourite thing about coming to the hub is meeting friends and making new ones.


"Going to the Hub has been awesome, I enjoy cooking and researching different cultures, coming here has really changed my life around and I plan to keep coming back for a long time" - Liam

Photo showing Liam making a meal
(This is a picture of Liam making a meal)

"Coming to the Hub has increased my independence and given me the confidence to go out on my own. I have been supported to look for a place of my own, using the Compass website and arranging viewings, then going out to see various properties. It has been an emotional time for me trying to move out, and it has been difficult to keep on trying as I feel torn between my desire to be more independent and also to do what is best for my parents, though I have been supported through this difficult time. I have learnt independent living skills such as cooking and baking here, to prepare for having my own place." - Anonymous

"I have become more sociable through the support here, and I get out much more meeting new people and making new friends." - Anonymous

"Due to the support here, I have started playing powerchair football, which I really enjoy, and I go to various tournaments in places like Leeds, Hull and Newcastle. I have even ended up in the newspaper for doing this." - Chris

"I have just returned from holiday with another member and we are planning on going away again next year." - Anonymous


"Before I came to the Hub I sat around at home watching television and waiting for my carers and feeling like a zombie. I heard about the Hub … It took a while to feel comfortable because I was coming to terms with being a disabled person, my emotions were at a high and I did not see my life going any way. Before becoming a disabled person I had been such an independent, hard working person and busy with family life.

Gradually I found I was looking forward to coming. Staff were very supportive when I became emotional and enjoyed the company and having a natter with members. I have been attending the Hub for a number of years and have achieved and done so much e.g., social activities, improving my skills and learning new ones, involved in consultations, I could go on and on. If I did not use the Hub I would still be sat at home doing nothing feeling more isolated and depressed and basically vegetating. To put it in a nut shell you have choice and a voice at the Hub." - Anonymous

"Being here at the Hub has been amazing. I have gained so much confidence from this place and it’s thanks to the staff and the people that come here every day. I go out more often now and I feel that I can converse in a more sociable manner towards others. Basically, coming here has changed my entire life" - Amy

Photo showing Amy writing recipies at the Hub
(This is a picture of Amy writing recipes at the Hub)

"Found it brilliant. Amy went to the shop for the first time ever to buy ingredients for cupcakes. She was beaming." - Amy’s mum


"The Hub has made me more confident in myself and helps with cooking skills and budgeting." – Mark

Photo showing Mark baking in the Hub kitchen
(This is a picture of Mark baking)


"The ILH means a lot to me. I attend the ILH twice a week which is Tuesdays and Fridays and I sometimes cook different things. When the weather is nice I go out into the sensory garden or go for lunch with a PA. I am now completing my maths and English worksheets which I enjoy. I like attending the ILH because I meet new friends and I have afternoon tea and have a chat. I sometimes make my own lunch I also enjoy, which has given me confidence, I get a lot of support at the Hub. If I wasn’t here at the Hub I would be at home watching films I have already seen before." - Barry

Photo showing Barry writing his record of work sheets
(This is a picture of Barry writing his record of work sheets)


"I like to go to the Hub. They helped me make more new friends and I can do more stuff for myself if I still need help. I go to the Bridge on Fridays with a PA from the Hub and I have made lots of beautiful things, including a personalised and unique cover for my phone. I am glad the PA’s from the Hub help me when I do need it."- Sophie

Photo showing Sophie cooking in the Hub kitchen
(This is a picture of Sophie cooking)


"The ILH that I attend on a Tuesday and Thursday and the time I have attended I have met many friends; the activities are good because you can decide yourself on what activity you are going to do. When I do an activity I research on the computer and it will give you instructions step by step how to do the certain activity. I enjoy making cakes but I also make them at home and bring them into the Hub when I want them iced a certain way as I know that one of the PA’s are there to support me. If ever I have something on my mind then, again, I know that someone is there to listen to me. If I never came to the Hub, I would be at home watching the TV." - WW

"The ILH means a lot to me as when I attend on a Tuesday and Friday then I feel safe and I have met many good friends. I bake sometimes and that has given me some of my confidence back, which is a good thing. If I was not at the ILH I would be at home." - Sheila

Photo showing Sheila accessing Art Therapy
(This is a picture of Sheila accessing Art Therapy)

"Coming to the Hub has given me confidence of going out on my own. I am now continuing with computers and I like to socialise and meet new friends, if I hadn’t attended the Hub I would be just sat at home. - Anonymous"


"The Hub helps me to brush up on my communication skills and I get the chance to socialise, and there are lots to do. It allows me to express myself without worrying. I was invited to join an interview panel for the post of Assistant Director of Adult and Social Care. I attended on the 19th May 2016. I was nervous at the beginning but soon felt relaxed after meeting the rest of the panel. The process was quite intense and was a full day, but would definitely do it again, if the opportunity arises. It made me feel good about myself and that I was given the opportunity and responsibility. I used the experience which I have gained interviewing Personal Assistants for the Independent Living Hub." - Wai

Photo showing Wai reading an interview schedule
(This is a picture of Wai reading an interview schedule)


"Coming to the Hub enables me to communicate with my friends and family via email." - John

Photo of John accessing his emails
(This is a picture of John accessing his emails.)


"I am happy to come to the Hub and meet people. I learn new skills each time I come." - Neville

Photo showing John working on computer art
(This is a picture of Neville using computer art)

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