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Confused about self-directed support and personalisation?
Do you get support through Social Services, Health, Independent Living Fund, Access to Work, Special Educational Needs (SEND) plans and assessments?
Are you a Carer?
Are you struggling to get support that works for you?
Do you want to understand more about being in control of the support you have?
Want to understand more about how Personal Budgets work?
Or maybe…you are also thinking of volunteering to support others?

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2nd Year Evaluation Report

Darlington Association on Disability’s 2nd year Evaluation is now available. The Evaluation of this Department of Health funded innovation project demonstrates how peer support has an impact upon the lives of disabled people, both who provide peer support and those who are in receipt of peer support.

As a Disabled People’s User Led organisation, DAD has always known that Peer Support is a fundamental pillar to enable independent living and empower disabled people. The project findings really do confirm the value of Peer Support mechanisms and its importance in the ever changing landscape of Personalisation.

• The support planning process is having a positive impact on changing people’s day to day lives.
• People are being supported to explore a wide range of options even though they are not eligible for health or social care services.
• Volunteer training is comprehensive, extremely valued and builds confidence, knowledge and skills.
• Being available in the community venues in order to provide information, advice and guidance has been a positive output.
• Strong friendships have been built and networks extended
• Volunteers have provided more time to individuals to think through their options.

As disabled people face a raft of cuts and changes to welfare benefits, reduction in care and support, new legislative changes, and the closure of the Independent Living Fund, many older and disabled people will become isolated and excluded from their families and communities. Now and in the future, peer support is even more a priority, a way to empower, build confidence, self-esteem, provide choice and control and will be imperative for the lives of disabled people and their families.

One participant commented that: “From being involved in the project I realise I have a contribution to make, value and a future. Before I didn’t think I had one. Not just existing but developing myself instead to be a disabled person who has the right to be something”

You may read the full Year 2 Evaluation Report in Word or PDF format.

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