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Direct Payment Support Service Privacy Information

DAD is a disability user led organisation which is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. We provide a range of support and services for disabled people and carers in Darlington and locally. The following privacy information is for people who use DAD’s Direct Payment Support Service.

Not all of this information will be relevant to everybody using Direct payments, as some people use their direct payment to employ their personal assistants and others don’t; please look at the relevant section based on what support you receive from DAD Direct Payment Support Service.

Why privacy information is important?

It is important that you understand what personal information you give to us or what we collect.  It is also important that you understand what we do with this information and in what circumstances we may share it with other agencies.  We will always respect your right to privacy and will never give or sell your information to a third party for marketing purposes. Your data will only be used by DAD to provide the necessary information and support that we agree with you.  It will also be used to collate anonymous statistics which the funders of our service requires for example how many people use the support service.

The following information outlines how we meet our obligations under the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Legal basis

GDPR requires us to only store and use your information where we have a legal basis to do so as described in the regulations. As part of providing a direct payment support service it is necessary to use your personal information outlined below to enable us to provide the service you require. This means the direct payment support service uses your information because we have a legitimate reason to do so. DAD will only use your data in ways which you would reasonably expect us to as part of providing a direct payments support service.

In addition there are exceptional occasions when we are legally obliged to share your information by law which includes the prevention of fraud, a crime or where someone is at risk.

What information we process and details of any third party the information may be shared with.

All direct payment users:

The information we collect:

• Your details as the direct payment user including name and title, address, telephone number, email and date of birth.
• The details as above of any other party that you have asked us to contact or liaise with, such as a family member.
• The details of your care and support plan, the name of your social worker and how you use your direct payment including the names of personal assistants.
• Records of the information and support we have provided to you including where we have spoken to third parties such as your social worker.
• Your direct payment bank account details.
• Any individual access needs/ risks you have that we need to know about to be able to provide the best level of support.
• Financial records and documents you have asked us to store and process on your behalf.
•The Support service will use your contact details to send information relevant to using a direct payment, such as training opportunities, changes in law and good practice.

Circumstances where it may be necessary to share your data:

• As part of using a direct payment the funder of your support (e.g. the Council) and our service may require you to provide information on how you are using your direct payment and may also request information from DAD on how we have supported you and whether there are any difficulties with how your direct payment is being managed and used.
• As part of setting up and using your direct payment your details will be shared with your funder to enable payment of your direct payment.
• With your agreement any third parties that you wish us to liaise with such as a family member.
• Other parties, as part of supporting you, where you have specifically agreed we can do this for example a care agency.

For Employers of personal assistants only:
Please note if you use a Direct Payment in Middlesbrough, DAD do not process your payroll, Penderels Trust will issue their own privacy statement.

• The employer’s national insurance number, and any other information you provide to us as an employer.
• Information on your personal assistants including, national insurance number, tax codes, salary details and other statutory deductions, P46.
• Information on personal assistants hours worked and sick leave documentation.
• Information which your Employers Liability Insurers give to us in the course of supporting you with an employment issue.
• As part of recruitment support; applications, references and dates/ reference number of Disclosure and Barring Service check and copy of identification.

Circumstances where it may be necessary to share your data:

• To meet employers statutory obligations under HM Revenue and Customs, including monthly and annual reports.
• To provide your funder with details of payments made to your personal assistants and HM Revenue and Customs
• With the Pensions Regulator and NEST to meet your statutory obligations under work place pensions, including monthly and annual reports and sending compliance checks.
• To provide your employers liability insurance with details in the course of supporting you with an employment issue.
• Where you use a different payroll agent it may be necessary for us to share your details to enable smooth running of payroll. This would include your personal details, your personal assistants details, hours worked, information on final pay, hourly rates

For those who we support with a Managed account:
Where you have a managed account you have consented to DAD to manage the funding in and out of a separate account. If part of our support to you is providing a managed account it is necessary to store and process information to enable us to carry out this function. We use a financial service provider called Pre Paid Financial Services (PPFS) who provide a separate bank account for your payments to go in and out of. This means information including any transactions made out of the managed account is shared with PPFS as a data processor. A copy of PPFS’s privacy information is available on our website including what information we share with PPFS and how they process it.

Storage of data

We store your data securely in a manner that ensures only necessary and authorised DAD personnel are able to access it. This includes restricted passwords and encryption for electronic data and locked storage for paper based records. Our website will be updated to provide further information.


We will keep your information for only as long as necessary based on DAD retention policy. For Direct Payment users, this is whilst you are receiving a Direct Payment and have access to our support and 7 years after stopping using a direct Payment.

Ongoing review of privacy information

We will regularly review the privacy information we provide to you and keep you updated through our website, bulletins and when our staff support you.  We will be continually updating our website with information regarding your rights under GDPR.  For further information please visit the Privacy Statement section.

If you have any questions or concerns, please write to:

Judith Gledhill, Business Support Officer, Darlington Association On Disability, 1P Enterprise House, Valley Street North, Darlington, DL1 1GY or email Judith Gledhill