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What is a Direct Payment?

From April 2003 every local authority offers those who are eligible, money, instead of arranging services for them. When local authorities gives someone money in this way, it is known as Direct Payments. People get this money to arrange services and support for themselves to meet their social care needs.

Direct Payments give you the opportunity to make more of the decisions, which affect your life and be in control of your own support arrangements. One of the ways you can use a direct payment is to employ and manage your own staff which means you get the assistance you need when you want it, how you want it and from the person you have chosen to give it.

Unlike other services, which are provided for you, Direct Payments enables and encourages you to be in control of a system you create and manage yourself.

To receive a direct payment you need to be able to consent to a Direct Payment and be able to manage it with support if necessary and available. Where someone does not have mental capacity to consent to a direct payment the Local Authority can appoint a suitable person to receive the direct payment on behalf of the person that needs the support. The suitable person can then manage the direct payment to ensure the persons needs are met and the direct payment is being used in the best interests of the person receiving the support.

If you are a disabled person or carer, whatever your impairment, living in the Middlesbrough area, who needs or receives support to live independently in your own home, and you fulfil the eligibility criteria, then you can choose to receive a Direct Payment instead of receiving services or support organised and paid for directly by the council. Please contact your social worker to request to receive a direct payment. Once they have completed the assessment and support plan they will refer you to DAD Employer Support Service to receive information and advice to set up your Direct Payment. DAD provide the a Direct Payment Support Service in Middlesbrough, if you do not live in Middleborough or Darlington please contact us on 01325 360524, as we may still be able to help.

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