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Ongoing Support and Recruitment Templates

On-going Support

Once you are up and running with your direct payment, there may be times when you need a bit of support, information and advice. Your social worker from Middlesbrough Council must agree this support first.

Support can include:

• Support with sending monitoring information to the local authority.
• Information and advice about your employer responsibilities where you have chosen to employ staff; including support with dealing with difficulties with disciplinary issues.
• Support to recruit personal assistants/ support workers.
• Support with other issues around your direct payment.

Templates and forms for you to use.

Below are some links to templates and forms which you may find helpful to ensure you keep the correct records, help you with recruitment and meet your employer responsibilities. The templates are examples which you can change to meet your requirements.

The following are here for you to access when recruiting a PA


Job Description

This is a statement of what you require from your Personal Assistant, what duties you expect them to carry out etc.

Advert template

This allows you to record all the essential information needed for a job so that you can then create an advert.

Job Application Form

Application form sent out to people who have responded to a job advertisement, used for shortlisting, interviewing and pre-employment checks.

Interview Letter

Sample letter for inviting an applicant to an interview (we would advise that you do not interview in your own home you might want to consider carrying an interview out in a public place or the DAD Direct Payment Support Service can support you with interviews)

Reference Request

Sample letter for requesting references for candidates.

Acceptance Letter

Sample letter for informing an applicant they were successful at interview and offering a job.

Rejection Letter

Sample letter informing a candidate they were unsuccessful.

Contract of Employment

An example written contract between employer and employee. This can be adapted to suit you, contact the Direct Payments Support Service if you would like support with this.

Staff Rota

A template for organising staff working times, keeping track of who is providing support and when.

Sickness / Holiday Log Sheet

A template log sheet for keeping track of what days an employee was absent due to sickness or holiday leave.

Other helpful templates

Please see below other helpful templates and forms which you may find particularly helpful if you are managing your direct payment without the support of DAD

Risk Assessment template

This is a way of assessing any possible risks and check if any training is required for your PA.

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