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Support DAD can provide to help you manage your Direct Payment

Darlington Association on Disability can provide a range of high quality support to help you manage your Direct Payment.  We will work with your social worker to determine the level of support you need to manage a direct payment.

We can also provide the support described below for people who pay for their own support or receive a personal health budget (in these circumstances we will work with you to determine what support you need, and provide you with a cost based on your individual requirements). This includes ongoing support and information, recruitment support, Disclosure and Barring service checks/references and managed accounts. The Payroll service in Middlesbrough is facilitated by Penderel’s trust who can support you to set up and manage your payroll. 

We have a range of staff members who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to enable effective support of users. This includes employment law, community care, independent living, personalisation, Inland Revenue and recruitment and selection.
Each direct payment user has a named Lead Worker, who has knowledge of their direct payment and how it is being used. This gives consistency of support.

Support and advice is available 5 days a week where direct payment users are able to have contact by telephone. We have a reception and duty system, which ensure that even when a person’s Lead Worker is not available we can still provide “same day” support.

People who live in the Middlesbrough area and use a Direct Payment paid from Middlesbrough Council can access support in agreement with the social worker.
For those who privately fund their support, are in another area or use a Personal Health Budget, we will work with you to determine the support you need and create a tailored service (an invoice will be raised for you to pay).

Any of the below options are to be agreed by your Social Worker prior to commencing.

Starting up

DAD is able to support people to get their direct payments up and running and provide support, information and advice to do this.

This includes:

• Understanding your responsibilities in using a direct payment
• Support to understand how the process works
• Support to understand what monitoring information the council requires, and what you need to keep.
• Where you choose to employ your own personal assistants/ support worker; we can provide you with support to recruit; and understand your employer responsibilities.

On-going Support

Once you are up and running with your direct payment, there may be times when you need a bit of support, information and advice.

Support can include:

• Support where you want to change how you use your direct payments.
• Looking at training requirements
• Risk assessments for example moving and handling or if you have a PA who is pregnant
• Contracts
• Support with sending monitoring information to the local authority.
• Support with payment of invoices etc where needed
• Information and advice about your employer responsibilities where you chosen to employ staff, including support with dealing with difficulties with disciplinary issues.
• Support to recruit personal assistants/ support workers.
• Support with other issues around your direct payment.

Vetting Service

Where you choose to employ staff we high recommend that you undertake thorough pre-employment checks including references, Disclosure and Barring Service Check (DBS), formally known as CRB checks or criminal record bureau checks. As a registered umbrella body with the Disclosure and Barring Service, we are able to provide a vetting service for potential employees.

Please contact us for further information and to arrange a check.

Managed Accounts

For some people it may be that you need a high level of support to help manage the financial aspects of receiving a direct payment. In some circumstances, the council may agree to fund a managed account.

This means that you nominate DAD to receive the money on your behalf. Please visit Third Party and Managed Accounts to find out more information about managed accounts.

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