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Darlington Association on Disability aims to ensure that disabled people have control over their own lives. DAD works to achieve this by promoting issues which effect disabled people and providing practical services to assist disabled people and their carers. By joining DAD's membership scheme you will be helping us to continue our essential work.

Membership is open to disabled people and non-disabled people who actively support the mission and aims of DAD. As a member you receive an invitation to quarterly general meetings, opportunities to attend other ‘member only’ events and social events and most importantly have voting rights.

All trustees must be members of the organisation, 75% of which must be disabled people.

Should anyone wish to express interest in joining DAD, please read the next section carefully and join online or contact our Head Office for further information.

DAD Membership Application Form

Please note the membership form is offline at the moment, so contact Judith on 01325 489999 or email Judith Gledhill

You are able to complete the membership form online but is important to read the following notes referring to the 3 choice questions at the end of the form before submitting the form.

1. Definition of a Disabled Person
A person who has or who may experience disability as a barrier in society deriving from a long-term physical, sensory, learning or mental impairment or condition that is more than minor or trivial irrespective of cause or diagnosis.

2. Definition of Carer
Carers are family, friends or neighbours who provide physical, practical or emotional care or supervision to another person, as a result of that person's age, frailty, mental or physical health needs or learning disabilities. People often find it difficult to see themselves in this role and may resist being called carers, seeing themselves as primarily sons, daughters, husbands, wives etc.

3. DAD Memorandum and Articles

Please read the Memorandum and Articles (PDF version or Word version) as by ticking the confirmation box, you are consenting to apply to be a member of DAD in its form as a company limited by guarantee and agree to be bound by its Memorandum and Articles of Association which specify a maximum liability of £1 in the highly unlikely event of insolvency.

Now please go to the membership form.

Any enquiries, please contact Judith on 01325 489999 or email Judith Gledhill