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Free Sessions

Personal experience of 10 free sessions

James attended the Independent Living hub for 10 free sessions as part of Carer Break Funding through the Better Care Fund. George is James's dad and carer.

Photo showing James cooking at the Hub

(Above photo shows James cooking at the Hub)

George has said that James attending the Hub has allowed him to gain some of his independence back, knowing James is safe at the Hub whilst he is out. It has also given George time to think about James’ future and what he ‘can’ do rather than what he can’t do.

George said he has been able to get out and about and the break has allowed him to do things he has put off for years, and he has achieved some significant ‘for me’ achievements.  George said he would thoroughly recommend the Independent Living Hub to other carers and disabled people as James has enjoyed being there and has taken part in many activities.

James said before he came to the Hub he was bored at home doing nothing, and that he feels he has his independence back and also has been given a confidence boost. He has really enjoyed cooking, and travel training especially on the bus!. He has really enjoyed the social interaction with other hub members too.

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