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At the Independent Living Hub

Independent Living Hub members access a wide variety of social and training opportunities including Confidence Building, Assertiveness, First Aid, Independent Living Skills, Key Skills, Information Technology and Disability Equality Training. We also offer less formal projects and workshops including Art and Design, Digital Camera Course and Deaf Awareness.

Individual Outcomes

Members of the Independent Living Hub can work towards their own individual outcomes in which they set individual goals or organise group projects. Over the years these have been hugely varied, including going to university, developing skills for work, communication skills, or an individual making a cup of tea for themselves for the first time.  

Our skilled team of Personal Assistants (PAs) are available to support members to work towards their Individual Outcomes. In order to achieve their identified goals, members can use the facilities of the independence living hub or use it as the start off point to access further facilities with PAs support such as local gyms, shops and libraries to name a few.

Wider support

As a DAD project we work closely with the other elements of the organisation to ensure that individuals receive the best possible support. Therefore we will work alongside and signpost our various other projects to ensure this can be achieved. We have close working relationships with local Social Care teams, hospitals and professionals so that we ensure that all needs are being met.

Accessing the Independent Living Hub

The Independent Living Hub is always looking for new members to join and enrich our current group. We feel that new members bring their own skills and experiences that we can all learn from. If you would like to learn more about The Independent Living Hub, how to become a member or simply arrange a visit and/or taster session please get in touch.

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