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Self Directed Support

Direct Payments - one of the ways you can receive your personal budget.

Self Directed Support is a way of you having more choice and control over your life, please use the buttons below to find out more.

We hope this section of the website provides useful information, however we cannot be held responsible for error or omissions and recommend you get further advice from ourselves or other agencies (some of which you can find in the Useful Links section)

Please click on any of the buttons below to find out more about Self Directed Support and how Direct Payments can support you to have choice and control.

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To read DAD's Direct Payment Support Service Privacy Statement, please visit this link

Contact Details:

DAD Direct Payment Support Service
Unit 1P
Enterprise House
Valley Street
Tel: 01325 360524
Email directpayments@darlingtondisability.org

There is a new email address for sending in your payroll hours, please use payroll.hours@darlingtondisability.org This email address is specifically for payroll hours and you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

Photo showing a young person at the gym

Above photo shows a young person using his direct payment to access the gym.

Photo showing members of JJs Caf, a social enterprise

Above photo shows members of JJ’s Café, a social enterprise which people pool their direct payments to run.