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Peer Support and User Involvement

DAD offers opportunities for disabled people of all ages and carers to learn from one another, and to work together to tackle issues, this is called peer support.

Some examples of our work are:

• Bringing people who use Direct Payments together for peer support.

• Developing opportunities for young disabled people to develop skills as peer mentors.

• Members of the Independent Living Hub supporting each other to find and build confidence and find solutions to barriers which impact on their independent living. For example: accessing transport in the community, access issues etc.

• Supporting a disabled parents group.

• Supporting carers to access peer support.

• Supporting disabled people and carers who have used personal budgets, to support other disabled people and carers through the process and take control in developing their support plan.

Further detail of DAD’s peer support opportunities are listed below if you would like to get involved please contact DAD on 01325 489999:

Direct Payment Peer Support Group

Members are people who use Direct Payments. They discuss topics and support each other with issues related to self directed support and direct payments. It meets every 2nd Tuesday of each month between 1pm and 3 pm at the Independent Living Hub. It is hosted by DAD’s Direct Payment Support Service: the Direct Payment Peer Support Group supports the Direct Payment Support Service to respond and develop in line with the needs and wishes of people who use Direct Payments.

People’s Parliament

Meets fortnightly to discuss issues which impact on people with learning difficulties. The members also campaign towards improving awareness of Self Advocacy and raise awareness of the rights of disabled people. Always on the lookout for new members to join the People’s Parliament!

Young Adult Carers Project

A Peer Support group for young adult carers aged 16-25. Facilitated by DAD’s Carers Support Service in partnership with Tees Valley YMCA.

Young Leaders

A Peer Support group for young disabled people, aiming to develop future leaders of the Disability Movement. Facilitated by DAD’s Children’s and Young Peoples’ Service (ChYPS).

Carers Groups

For carers groups please contact Durham County Carers Support on 0300 030 1215

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