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Direct Payments Explained

To receive a direct payment you need to be able to consent to a Direct Payment and be able to manage it with support if necessary and available. Where someone does not have the mental capacity to consent to a direct payment the Local Authority can appoint a suitable person to receive the direct payment on behalf of the person that needs the support. The suitable person can then manage the direct payment to ensure the persons needs are met and the direct payment is being used in the best interests of the person receiving the support.

6 Easy Steps……

1) Your social worker/care manager should discuss the option of getting direct payments with you when you go through your supported self assessment questionnaire. If they don’t, or if you are already receiving services, you can ask about using Direct Payments or get in contact with the DAD Direct Payment Support Service.

2) Once it is established that you are eligible and you are creating your support plan DAD can give you initial information and advice on how Direct Payments work. Your social worker/ care manager can refer you to the DAD Direct Payment support service or you can contact us directly. You will be assigned a Personal Direct Payment Adviser who will meet with you to further explain Direct Payments and give you relevant information to make sure you understand how the process works.

3) If you decide you want to use a direct payment your care manager/ co-coordinator will discuss what support you may need both to get started and on an on-going basis. Extra funding will be included in your direct payment to cover the cost of this support.

4) If you are using DAD’s support we will work with you and your care manager/ co-ordinator to agree a start date, support you to open a bank account and sort out the relevant paperwork. If you are looking to employ your own personal assistant’s we will offer support to advertise, recruit and set up payroll.

We will also support you to understand what documents you need to keep which will be required by the local authority for monitoring purposes. Each direct payment user has a named Personal Direct Payment Adviser, who has knowledge of their direct payment and how it is being used. This gives consistency of support.

Please visit ‘Becoming an employer’

Alternatively you can go on to set up your direct payment without DAD’s support, you will need to contact your Care Manager for further guidance.

5) A start date is agreed with your social worker/care manager and when everything is set up your Direct Payment will go into your account every 4 weeks/ or other agreed interval. As part of the agreement with Darlington Borough Council to use a direct payment you will be required to submit quarterly monitoring information please refer to fact sheet 2 - What documents you need to keep.

6) Use your direct payment to meet your needs, knowing that help and advice is a phone call away.

Please visit DAD’s Direct Payment Support service fact sheets.


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