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Direct Payments Support Service Employer Bulletin

January 2017

The purpose of the monthly bulletin is to provide you with general information around your employer responsibilities but will change from time to time as and when legislation does so it is important that you read it each month. We are here to help, so if you have any queries please contact us.

HM Revenue and Custom Letter

As you may already be aware some of our employers have received letters from HMRC saying they are stopping PAYE payments by cheque. We can now confirm after speaking with HMRC this is not the case yet but they are trying to encourage employers to pay online. Although they are not stopping cheques yet this doesn’t mean they will not be stopping them in the future. If you use online banking it is possible for you to pay your HMRC payment in this way. Please call us and we will give you the information you need

Holiday Pay

There are only 3 months left in the holiday year - it is important that your PA’s take their holiday entitlement before the end of March 2017. If you need any support with holiday calculations please contact us.

Contract of Employment

You need to have a contract of employment for every person you employ. This is an agreement between you and your employee and gives details of employment rights, responsibilities and duties. This should be provided within two months from when they start to work for you. Both yourself and your employee should have a signed copy of the contract. You should contact your insurer’s Employment Law Advisor for further advice or you can contact us at the Support Service.

DAD Direct Payment Support Service Payroll dates for 2017

Dates to ring in by:                      Date wage due to Personal Assistant PA:

16 January                                              20 January
13 February                                            17 February
13 March                                                 17 March
10 April                                                   14 April     
08 May                                                    12 May
05 June                                                   09 June
03 July                                                    07 July
31 July                                                    04 August
24 August – (a Thursday due              01 September
 to the Bank Holiday on 28th)
25 September                                         29 September
23 October                                              27 October
20 November                                          24 November
11 December – (a week early due        22 December
To the Christmas bank hols however
Your PA is paid on 22 as normal.)          

It is important that you ring in with the hours on the above dates to ensure your payroll is processed in time for you to pay your PA’s on the due date. Please remember to tell us about any holiday, sick pay or leavers at each payroll. If you wish, you can ring in with your hours before the Monday.

We would always endeavour to provide you with a courtesy call as a prompt if you have not called in with your hours however it is important that you do not rely on this service as we cannot guarantee we will be in a position to provide this every payroll.

For those who we support with a manged account- we must have your hours in by 5pm (or earlier) on the ring in date to ensure your PA is paid on time.