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Direct Payments Support Service Employer Bulletin

December 2014

The purpose of the monthly bulletin is to provide you with general information around your employer responsibilities but will change from time to time as and when legislation does so it is important that you read it each month. We are here to help, so if you have any queries please contact us.

Questionnaire - Prize Draw for all completed forms returned!

It has been over a year now since the changes were made by Darlington Borough Council to the way DAD operates the Direct Payment Support Service, we would really like to know how you have found the new way of paying for our support and would be grateful if you could take some time to complete the enclosed questionnaire. If you wish to be entered in the prize draw please contact us.

Sleepovers / National Minimum Wage

If you use sleepovers, your insurers have issued new guidance around the national minimum wage which may or may not affect you. Please contact your insurers or ourselves if you would like further information or support with this.

Holiday Pay

There are only 4 months left in the holiday year - it is important that your PAs take their holiday entitlement before the end of March 2014. If you need any support with holiday calculations please contact us.

Stronger Voices...Strong Support

Stronger Voices…Strong Support is now in its 3rd year. The project has and continues to inform disabled people about their options to access personal budgets for social care; personal health budgets for health related support; access to work funds for employment and also people who have to fund their own support services.

The project has empowered disabled people to have more choice and control to live independently in their communities. Stronger Voices…Stronger Support has achieved this with Peer Support. Our peer supporters are made up of project staff and project volunteers, all of whom are disabled people, keen to exchange and share information with other disabled people.

Volunteers Needed!

As we all know the busy lives we lead mean we have less time on our hands; however we at Stronger Voices...Strong support, know the value of volunteers.  Do you have some time you can devote to our project? It can be as flexible as you need it to be. The time you give us is extremely valuable. We are looking for individuals with experience around the Adult Social Care System. You might use a service, be a carer or have needed to care for a family member.

Your responsibilities can be varied from assisting in the administration of the project, to supporting individuals, to support planning, to helping people to access information and support.

If you are interested please phone us on 01325 267 757.