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Carers Support Service


Most groups currently meet upstairs in the Dolphin Centre in the WI-FI lounge, although this may change in the future.
If you are interested in coming to any groups just let us know. If you would like further information on anything to do with the carers’ groups or service, please call us on 01325 267331

The dates for the coming months in 2017 are as follows:

Connecting Carers “Drop In”

This event is for all carers to “drop in,” relax in an informal setting and chat to other carers and staff over a hot drink and refreshments which will be provided free of charge. Carers are welcome to stay for the morning or just “pop in” while out doing some shopping.

10am - 12 noon on the first Wednesday of the month and open to any carer. Dolphin Centre Wi-Fi Lounge

4th Jan, 1st Feb, 1st Mar, 5 April, 3rd May, 7th Jun, 5th July, 2nd Aug, 6th Sept, 4th Oct, 1st Nov, 6th Dec.

Circle of Friends

This is an informal group, where Carers meet up to have a chat, coffee or to just make new friends. The group is run by the Carers themselves and they decide what they want to do. This may be arranging a day out somewhere, going for a look around the shops or just meeting up with other carers for a cuppa and a catch up.

10:30am - 12 noon on the third Thursday of the month and is open to female carers. Dolphin Centre Wi-Fi Lounge

19th Jan, 16th Feb, 16th Mar, 20th Apr, 18th May, 15th June, 20th July, 17th Aug, 21st Sep, 19th Oct, 16th Nov, 21st Dec.

Male Carers Support Group

This is for men who find themselves involved in a caring role. We are a group of male carers who get together every month for a coffee and to share our caring experiences. Part of this involves arranging social events which bring us together whether it’s for a few hours or an away day.

One of the male carers Tol says “So far, we have arranged snooker afternoons, archery sessions (that was a laugh), get together for lunch (it has to be somewhere they do a decent pie), visits to the Cummings Factory, the Aston Martin Museum as well as ten pin bowling.”

We hope that this group will help to break down barriers for some male carers who are now caring for someone and can feel lost and overwhelmed. By talking to each other and feeling more confident about getting help and support, perhaps the male psyche of coping alone and holding it all in can be being gently eased.

4pm - 5.30pm every second Tuesday of the month. Dolphin Centre Wi-Fi Lounge

10th Jan, 14th Feb, 14th Mar, 11th Apr, 9th May, 13th Jun, 11th July, 8th Aug, 12th Sept, 10th Oct, 14th Nov, 12th Dec.

Darlington Parent Carer Support Group

10 - 12 noon third Wednesday of the month. Dolphin Centre Wi-Fi Lounge

18th Jan, 15th Feb, 15th Mar, 19th Apr, 17th May, 21st Jun, 19th July, 16th Aug, 20th Sep, 18 Oct, 15th Nov, 20th Dec.

Mental Health Group

This group is specifically for people who are caring for someone experiencing mental ill health. We regularly have speakers on a range of issues from the role of a Community Psychiatric Nurse to fun things like gardening and jewellery making.

1 - 3pm Last Tuesday of the month. Meet at Evolution Buildings

31st Jan, 28th Feb, 28th Mar, 25 Apr, 30th May, 27th Jun, 25th July, 29th Aug, 26th Sep, 31st Oct, 28th Nov.

For more information on any of these groups call us on 01325 357533 or e-mail carers@darlingtondisability.org

Other Carers groups: The Carers Support Service has links with Carers Darlington, a branch of Carers UK. Carers Darlington provides a drop-in service at Age UK, Bradbury House twice a week on a Tuesday from 10am to 12 noon, and Friday from 12 noon to 2pm, when carers can relax and enjoy a cup of tea.

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