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Away Day to Leeds

Are you a carer? Why not come to an away day. You can come on your own or with the person you care for.

Our away day to Leeds is on Wednesday 1st March 2017 and the cost is only £5.00

The pick up point is the Dolphin Centre 9.30 am and returning at 5pm. Places are limited, so please book early.

For more information or to book your place please call DAD Carers Support Service on 01325 357533.


Photo showing Support Service member of staff at Carer's display stand talking to lady

(Support Service member of staff talking to lady)

Photo showing lady reading Carer Support Service leaflet

(Lady reading Carer Support Service leaflet)

Photo showing lady receiving foot massage

(Lady receiving foot massage)

Photo showing male carers and circle of friends having Christmas lunch

(Male Carers and Circle of Friends having Christmas lunch)

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